2019 / / Professional


  • Company
    ubisapdesign Studio, Greece
  • Lead Designer
    Athanasios Kyratzis
  • Design Team
    Modestos Stavrakis
  • Project Link

...Imagine you go with other 4-5 people in a meeting workspace, you plug two common(HDMI+USB) cables to your PC/laptop/stick/NUC and you actually see your computer screen with your OS, your programs and apps from your PC, but now it is horizontal, bigger(43") and multitouch! Furthermore, the whole table is rotating and all people can see, touch and fully interact with your work as many times as they want... after some hours it has been done a lot of creative progress on your work, directly made in your PC/laptop/tablet/stick/etc. This is CORING, a new interactive collaboration experience!

Photo Credit: Ubisapdesign Studio