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2019 / / Professional

ALBA, Modular Shelf and Bedside Table with storage

  • Company
    Woodendot Studio, Spain
  • Lead Designer
    Daniel García Sánchez
  • Client
  • Project Link

Alba is a versatile and modular product that can be used as a wall shelf and as a bedside table. Alba means "sunrise" in Spanish, hence its name, since the two front pieces of the product simulate the sun and the moon reflecting in the water when a new day dawns.

The Shelf version has a small space behind the front piece to hide small objects such as keys. In the Bedside Table version, besides it also has a back space, behind the bottom piece, which allows to hide larger objects such as books.

Alba is fully customizable and you can configure more than 10,000 different options.

Carefully designed and crafted furniture pieces with personality that are functional, unique and that have an emotional, ethic, and real value.

We combine what inspires us with what is needed, and look for a way to make it unique and functional. We don’t want to just add a new product to our collection, the idea is that each piece would transmit our values and beliefs.

Nature is not only an important inspiration source for us, it is at the core of what we do and why we do it. We work hard to be sustainable and respectful to the environment in all of our processes.

Other prizes
Woodendot Product Awards 2022 German Design Awards - ALADA Floating Folding Desk  2021 Archiproducts Design Awards - ALADA Floating Folding Desk  2021 European Product Design Awards - ALADA Floating Folding Desk  2021 Dezeen Awards - ALADA Floating Folding Desk  2021 Interior Design Awards - ALADA Floating Folding Desk  2021 Dezeen Awards - GEO Collection 2019 Iconic Awards Innovative Interior Selection - ALBA Bedside Table 2018 European Product Design Award - ALBA Bedside Table 2018 IDA Design Awards Honorable Mention - ALBA Bedside Table Designer Awards: Daniel Garcia Sanchez 2014 INJUVE Designer Awards. Gold Souk. Beirut, Líbano. Oran, Argelia. Argel, Argelia. 2011 ZEN Deck chair - 1º Prize. AVANDEO Design Awards. ”Out-door" Germany 2011 RIZO Room divider - 1º Prize. Habitat Awards Extremadura “Mueble Auxiliar” Spain 2011 VIS A VIS Folding table - 3º Prize. CETEM Awards. “Furniture Design 2011” Spain 2009 AIR Couch - 1º Prize. Manifesto UP Awards. “Sofá Latino" Argentina

Photo Credit: Woodendot Studio