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Honorable Mention 2018 / Packaging Design / Professional

COMPAKT - Piranha Tattoo Supplies

  • Company
    Pedro Gomes Design, Portugal
  • Lead Designer
    Pedro Gomes Design
  • Client
    Piranha Tattoo Supplies

After the rebranding of Piranha Tattoo Supplies and building its latest tattoo power supply, we stablished that the packaging should be the perfect symbiosis between the strong tattoo art connections and the voice of the brand: straight to the point, long lasting and functional. Safety on the go wasn’t the only purpose we wanted for this packaging. So, we embedded COMPAKT instructions to give it an easy access without leaf through a manual.

The result was a fearless, bold and compact packaging that allows artists learn about the product while having a great unboxing experience.

Photo Credit: Pedro Gomes Design