Honorable Mention 2017 / Home Interior Products / Professional

shelf U4

  • Company
    TAVAR, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Nazara Làzaro
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The attraction by TAVAR originates in its
magnetic power! We use that to create an
innovative and highly flexible wooden
furniture system. The design is timeless; it
is consciously kept simple and elegant. For
TAVAR durability, ecological compliance and
sustainability are essential aspects. The
patented TAVAR system consists of boards and
connectors, which are assembled without any
tools. Unique double tongues and grooves in
combination with magnets guarantee exact
positioning of the elements and strong
cohesion. The system was intensely developed
and tested for years to be sure to offer only
the highest stability and quality. Additional
accessories are doors, drawers and glass
elements. The system allows virtually
unlimited designs. It is freely expandable in
all three directions with a grid of 20 cm.
All pieces can be reassembled wear-free. Only
high-quality materials are used. All
procedures of TAVAR – whether in the
development, production or in the office –
are in accordance with ecological
The shelf chosen for this Award is designed
by Nazara Làzaro, a young Spanish interior
and product designer. Plywood boards with
high-class surfaces such as veneers are
combined with massive wooden connectors, all
treated with shellac. The basic design was
inspired by the minimalist art movement from
the 60s and 70s and the legacy of artists
like Donald Judd. In her works Nazara
Làzaro combines a minimalistic sense of
aesthetic – developed during her time living
in Japan – with the German line of the Bauhaus.
This shelf is a good example how easy it is
to build stable and beautiful furniture using
the TAVAR magnetic system. The process of
mounting it is very fast and no tools are
needed. So it’s an incredibly convenient
furniture for spaces which need to be quickly
Photo Credit: Tavar