2023 / Home (household Products) / Entertainment room: Video, TV and Home Entertainme / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in HOME (Household Products)/Entertainment room: Video, TV and Home Entertainme
  • Company
    Vestel Elektronik San. ve Tic. A.S., Turkey
  • Lead Designer
    Mert ÇELİK, Burak Emre ALTINORDU
  • Design Team
    Vestel ID Team
Homes have become playgrounds where we socialize, explore our interests and escape from reality. Fame, aims to increase the effect of the activity on the user by taking advantage of the harmony of light and sound. The product has an LED Panel behind the OLED screen, which also contains the sound source. The LED Panel becomes visible when Fame's OLED screen is rotated 90°. Light interactions occur on the LED Panel according to the rhythm of the images and sound on the screen, and the synchronization of screen, sound and light strengthens the harmony of the ambience of the space with the event.

Vestel ID Team is a team of 23 people consisting of 16 industrial designers, 3 graphic designers, 3 technical design specialists and 1 photographer, which continues its activities in-house within the Vestel Electronics factory. Since its establishment, it has been continuing design activities by prioritizing high technology and aesthetic concerns. By blending the deep-rooted design understanding with today's trends, Vestel ID Team creates products that make the lives of users easier and add value to their daily lives.

Photo Credit: Vestel Elektronik San. Ve Tic. A.s.