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Wing ~ Chair

  • Prizes
    Winner in HOME (Household Products)/Home Furniture: Living room
  • Company
    M + Arquette, United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    Matt Arquette
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The Wing Chair is a unique, elegant, and nature-inspired design concept. Its fluid, organic form resembles wings in motion, while metallic-coloured legs give it a perched appearance. The chair's single formed Lucite shell adds transparency and a sense of spaciousness. With a comfortable, textile upholstered seating area, it complements various spaces. The Wing Chair embodies the beauty of nature, offering comfort and style for any environment. Let your imagination take flight with this modern and versatile piece!

Matt Arquette is a talented furniture designer known for his unique and artistic style. His work often explores alternative materials and environmentally conscious designs. He has collaborated with major brands such as IKEA and Lamborghini, showcasing his avant-garde approach. After completing his Bachelor of Arts in Furniture Design, Matt established his own UK-based studio and has since pursued a range of successful solo and collaborative projects. With a keen eye for design and a passion for pushing boundaries, Matt continues to create inspiring pieces that captivate and delight.

Other prizes
2023: London Design Awards, Silver, Ray ~ Sleep Concept A' Design Award, Silver, Merete Lounge & Console table A' Design Award, Runner-up, Seat Vandal, Modular New York Product Design Award Winner, Silver, J-Tallic Platinum Winner, Muse, Moana bed 2022: Golden Novum Design Award, Designer of the Year Golden Novum Design Award, in Furniture Design, Air Chair Golden Novum Design Award, in Furniture Design, Dune 2nd Place, Starchitects, Charette , Otis Gold Winner, Muse, Sleep Wave

Photo Credit: M + Arquette