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OVO Sauna Designer Light

  • Prizes
    Winner in HOME (Household Products)/Home Lighting: Special Purpose Lighting
  • Company
    Huum OÜ, Estonia
  • Lead Designer
    Tõnis Vellama (SEOS Light)
  • Design Team
    Tõnis Vellama, Maarja Lind
  • Other credit
    Photos By: Simm Paap
The OVO light, conceived by the esteemed Estonian light designer Tõnis Vellama, exemplifies a union of traditional essence with contemporary functionality.
Centered on the use of natural materials, this design infuses unparalleled coziness and character into any sauna space. The soft glow emanating from behind the wooden faceplate, adorned with an oak finish, conjures an ambiance reminiscent of a traditional smoke sauna.
This harmonious blend of natural elements and distinctive design fills a niche in the market, setting a new standard for modern sauna lighting.

HUUM is a pioneering Estonian company dedicated to producing high-quality sauna heaters that merge exquisite design, gentle steam, and smart technology, driven by a deep love for the sauna and a thirst for innovation.

Maarja Lind is an industrial Product Designer at HUUM. Master's degree holder in Engineering and Design Sciences from Politecnico di Milano and experienced Head of Product Design with a background in technical industrial design.

Other prizes
Red Dot 2021/2022 - UKU sauna controller

Photo Credit: Huum OÜ
Credits: Photos by: Simm Paap