2023 / Industrial / Tools: Hand tools & Equipment / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in INDUSTRIAL/Tools: Hand tools & Equipment
  • Company
    Fubag AG, Switzerland
  • Lead Designer
    Valeri Retler
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The innovative design of IN SYN DIGITAL welding machine is a perfect symbiosis between aesthetics and functionality. Full metal casing easily withstands harsh working conditions. Effective ventilation enables maximum welding performance. The wide LCD display ensures accuracy in setting of the welding parameters and excellent reading of them from any viewing angle. Built-in synergetic programs allow even the welders with limited experience to achieve the desired results. VRD function guarantees the user´s safety while working in confined spaces or in high humidity environment.

Fubag AG designs, manufactures and markets tools and equipment for professionals and discerning users around the globe.

We are experts when it comes to inter alia, welding, power supply, air compression, measuring technology and gardening. Our knowledge and expertise have given rise to innovative products that have been patented and won numerous awards.

Every new item undergoes rigorous testing at the prototype stage before becoming a production model. Fubag tools give complete control of the work process and reliably deliver the superb results you are looking for.

Other prizes
We excel on the international stage and have won several prestigious design awards. iF Design ranked our products among the World’s top 50 in 2018–2022 in the category “Industry”. Besides, we have been granted: Year 2020: iF Design Award - Welding machine INTIG 200 DC Pulse. The best multi-process welding machine. - Welding inverter IN 226 CEL. The best design in the category “Industry/Tools”. Year 2018: Red Dot Award - Portable generator BS 3300 ES. The best in the category “Product and Industrial Equipment”. iF Design Award - Portable generator BS 3300 ES. The best in the category “Product and Industrial Equipment”. - Welding inverter IQ 200. The best design in the category “Industry/Skilled Trades”.

Photo Credit: Fubag Ag