2023 / Industrial / Tools: Other Designs / Professional

pneumagiQ PQ180

  • Prizes
    Winner in INDUSTRIAL/Tools: Other Designs
  • Company
    Impaqt Robotics Private Limited, India
  • Lead Designer
    Anuj Bihani, Anandan Parasuraman
  • Design Team
    Anuj Bihani, Anandan Parasuraman, R Nagamuthu Kumaran
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pneumagiQ PQ180 adopts a new approach in the form of a ready-to-use product that bundles several components into a single system. In the field of industrial robotics, pneumatic EOAT has traditionally been integrated using many distinct components from various manufacturers. Unlike these, PQ180 was designed as a brand-independent platform that is compatible with robots from a number of different manufacturers. The basic concept and well-thought-out implementation of the design, with an overall finish and colour scheme ensure that the solution benefits from visual harmony with all devices.

Impaqt Robotics is a company with a vision of designing and manufacturing innovative products that accelerates deployment of robots in industry, thereby making a positive impact. Stemming from idea of design thinking, all products are designed with a user centric approach. Concepts such as design for manufacturing & design for assembly are integrated into the product design, enabling scale. With emphasis on aesthetics, all products harmoniously blend into the final installation.

Other prizes
RedDot Winner 2023 - Innovative Products; RedDot Winner 2023 - Product Design; Core 77 - Runners Up (2023)

Photo Credit: Impaqt Robotics Private Limited