2023 / Industrial / Healthcare Products & Supplies / Student

Plusk portable shower for people with disabilities

  • Prizes
    Winner in INDUSTRIAL/Healthcare Products & Supplies
  • Lead Designer
    Dagmara Szmal
  • Design Team
    Karolina Kruszewska, Patrycja Magryś, Marek Kasperek
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  • Other credit
    Created In Program
  • University
    Academy of Fine Arts In Katowice
Plusk is an innovative mobile shower. It has been designed so that people with mobility disabilities can take a bath in any room, e.g. in the living room. Its advantage is the ability to be carried to any place and the possibility of DIY with the help of local craftsmen, e.g. a seamstress. The bath takes place in the space of the screen, and the water can be removed in two ways: pumping it out or pouring it into appropriate tanks. The innovation solves problems with access to a comfortable bath in groups: seniors requiring constant care, people who use wheelchairs permanently or temporarily.

Product and service designer specializing in innovation. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, majoring in Design and Law, at the University of Rzeszów. She gained experience in inclusive design by designing comfortable, simple solutions for the everyday life of seniors, people with physical disabilities and blind people (a portable shower, a helper for pouring water from a kettle, an easel for people in wheelchairs and typhlography for sexual education of blind people).

Other prizes
product design: The first "Agrafa Beyond 2020" award for the project "WO - a set of partial washing devices" for people in the homeless crisis. "Dobry Wzór" award in the competition of the Institute of Industrial Design for a chicken coop for an urban garden. graphic design: First prize in the Silesian Porcelain competition. Distinction in the poster competition organized by the Institute of National Remembrance.

Photo Credit: Dagmara Szmal
Credits: Created in program