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Rownd CNC Lathe

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in WORK (Office)/Other Work Product Designs
  • Lead Designer
    Ahmet Ergun
  • Design Team
    Ahmet Yasir Karakus, Enes Ergun
  • Project Link
  • University
    Central Saint Martins - University of The Arts London
The Rownd Lathe is a compact CNC lathe designed for shaping various materials like wood, aluminum, and plastic. It boasts a user-friendly interface and specialized software for creating custom designs or tapping into the extensive open-source Rownd Library for pre-made designs. Featuring a large 7" touch screen, it offers crucial machine information like usage time, rotation speed, and feed rate at a glance. Users can effortlessly control its functions through a web or mobile app, enhancing convenience. What's more, it's gamepad-compatible, ensuring a safe and enjoyable machining process.

I'm Ahmet ERGUN, a London-based Industrial Designer and Architect with honors degrees in both fields. Currently pursuing a master's in Industrial Design at UAL CSM. I have over five years of experience, co-founded two Kickstarter projects raising $936,000, won eight awards, and mentor at a top entrepreneurship center in Europe.

Other prizes
2021 IMMIB Industrial Design Competition 2021 - 1st Prize , 2021 District / Urban Design Project Competition - 2nd Honorable Mention , 2020 Industrial Design Competition 2020 - 3rd Prize , 2020 bizz@campus - Mention , 2019 IMMIB Industrial Design Competition 2019 - 2nd Prize , 2018 7. Natural Stone Design Competition - 1st Prize , 2018 MOSDER 14th National Home Furniture Design Competition - Winner , 2017 Neighborhood Design Idea Competition - Equivalent Mention Award

Photo Credit: Ahmet Ergun