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2022 / Design For Society / Designs for Social Impact / Professional


  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Design for Society/Designs for Social Impact, Winner in Design for Society/Design for Public Awareness
  • Company
    PEAR & MULBERRY, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Yumeng Li, Zongheng Sun
  • Design Team
    Soft Matters Group
  • Project Link

Above 86% of users ingored or even don't understand the symbols on wash labels. Many users and fabric organizations already advocate cutting the uneven connected washing label to avoid irritates the skin.
Breeza has developed a smart wash belt that includes a removable brand information label with legally required washing and care information, as well as a seamless anti-fray QR code that records and calculates the life of the bra to ensure fabric hygiene and a 24-hour rebound time to avoid chronic health hazards like itchy skin, muscle numbness, upper back pain, and so on.

Other prizes
International Design Awards, IDA 2021, GOLD WINNER iF Design Award 2022, Product iF Design Award 2022, Professional Concept

Photo Credit: Pear & Mulberry