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2022 / Material Design / Manufacturing / Student

SOBEK - World's first algorithmic leather

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Material Design/Manufacturing
  • Lead Designer
    Ran Jiang, Shizhe Xu, Songzhe Chen
  • Project Link
  • University
    Royal College of Art

SOBEK is an artificial crocodile leather that applies creative graphic algorithms. It is intended to lead the future of no-kill and eco-friendly algorithmic leather.

SOBEK digitally endows each piece of algorithmic leather with natural characteristics, identity, uniqueness and rarity that cannot be replicated. By optimising the additive manufacturing technology, it can be flexibly combined with various surface finishes.Replacing crocodile leathers consumption with the value of digital products, innovating the fashion industry that pursues uniqueness, identity and status in a sustainable way.

Photo Credit: Ran Jiang, Shizhe Xu, Songzhe Chen