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2022 / Media And Home Electronics / Consumer Electronics and Cameras / Student

TIO Weighing Scale

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Media and Home Electronics/Consumer Electronics and Cameras
  • Lead Designer
    Yupeng Jiang
  • Design Team
    Jierui Yang,Changjun Li,Zhaozhao Liu
  • University
    Hubei University of Technology

The scale is a common product in our homes, but it sits idle most of the time. In addition to body weight, we face other weighing problems, such as checking the weight of groceries and packages. Aiming at the above problems, we redesigned the scale. The electronic screen of the modular weight scale can be removed and turned into an portable digital scale for weighing small items. The scale hook can be conveniently stuck in the groove at the back, making it easy to carry with us when we go out. Just put the portable scale back in place when we need to measure our weight.

Photo Credit: Yupeng Jiang