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2022 / Office Equipment / Stationery / Student

Seal Built with Native Soil

  • Prizes
    Winner in Office Equipment/Stationery
  • Lead Designer
    Miao Jingyi
  • Design Team
    Miao Jingyi,Zou Hu
  • University
    The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Hometown is the mother of life and the place to shape one’s personality. As an old Chinese saying goes, the soil of each place has its own way of supporting its own people. No matter how many places a person travels to, there is always a part in his heart that only belongs to the place he was born in.
This design uses the soil of different people's hometowns as materials, and combines local plants, crops and clothing to make name seals. When people put stamps on paper, they present their names with their own native soil in hands, so that they can integrate with their hometowns in a loving way.

Photo Credit: Miao Jingyi