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2022 / Other Products Designs / Product User Interface Design / Student

IMPERIUM - Cessation Device That Gives You Control

  • Prizes
    Winner in Other Products designs/Product User Interface Design
  • Lead Designer
    Nina Nash, Vida Lin
  • Design Team
    Advisor: Prof. Wendell Wilson
  • University
    Georgia Institute of Technology

IMPERIUM is a physical electronic cigarette that measures the users vaping habits and a human-first interface application that displays historical data and allows family/friends to join in to support the journey.

IMPERIUM collects the user’s historical data utilizing habitual behavior learning algorithms to assess and develop a personalized vaping “control” or “quitting” plan. This data makes the cessation process work with a higher rate of success for the health of the user and provide a human-first plan to combat the addictive traits of e-cigarettes.

Photo Credit: Nina Nash, Vida Lin