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2022 / Illumination / Floor Lamps / Student

108 Lamp

  • Prizes
    Winner in Illumination/Floor Lamps
  • Lead Designer
    Xin Shu
  • Design Team
    JunMing Ou, ZiQing Xu
  • University
    The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

“108 Lamp” blurs the concept of table lamps and floor lamps. When we look at this lamp from a distance, the “108 Lamp” is a floor lamp that supports the lamp on a metal tube with a length of 108 cm, and when we switch the viewing angle and place the coffee in our hand on the lamp socket of the lamp, the lamp The seat exists as a tabletop. At this time, in our field of vision, “108 Lamp” becomes a table lamp. Such a dramatic transformation has formed the contradictory and witty style of “108 Lamp”.

Photo Credit: Xin Shu