2022 / Education / Teaching Aids / Student


  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Education/Teaching Aids
  • Lead Designer
    Karolina Kruszewska
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  • Other credit
    Substantive Support In Sexology - Dr. Dagna Kocur
  • University
    Academy of Fine Arts In Katowice
Pose is a educating sexual set about positions and basic sex knowladge for the blind person. It corresponds to the lack of access to knowledge about sexuality and the lack of adaptation products to people with visual impairments. Pose consist descriptions of items created in cooperation with the sex educator Dr. Dagna Kocur, 13 audio films on YouTube, and models that show blind users in detail what a sex pose looks like. The figurines have been refined for tactile viewing. The models are made on 3D printer, thanks to sex educators can create such teaching aid and teach blind people about sex.

Product designer,specialized in sensory, social design and approaches "design + art". Scholarship and laureate of prof. Wanda Telakowska and the mayor of Bytom, this year nominated for the Dobry Design competition "The Best Designers below 30". Many times I collect ideas for projects by listening to people's needs and reflecting what they feel by real object. Through my projects i can give a voice to people who are not able to say what they need by themselves. For example, mentally burdened people, disabled people, nature.

Other prizes
2021r.Laureate and 1 place of the scholarship of prof. Wanda Telakowska Institute of Industrial Design for the project Hoshi - my own piece of night sky.It is our private piece of heaven where we can remember our loved ones and what we do make us rethink the problem of light pollution in cities. 2022r. 1st place in the Agrafa Beyond competition for the WO design partial washing kit for homeless people designed with D. Szmal P. Magryś and W. Leszczyński. Nominated for the Dobry Design competition in the category: Best Polish Designers under 30. Distinction in the Mazda Design competition and presentation of the project at the Łódź Design Festival for the project "Yume". It is a kind of blind in the form of a camera obscura, which lets in a distorted, inverted and softened image from the outside. This keeps people struggling They can calm down and let a piece of the outside world inside. 2nd place in the "Nordalicus" competition for a piece of furniture that meets the idea Hygge. 3rd place and distinction in the "Don't be afraid to shine" competition, together with Adrianna Makowska for products that support street safety with reflectors. 2nd place in the "Student Graphics of the Year 2021" competition. Currently, I have author's supervision over the implementation of my bachelor's degree on "collecting rainwater in cities "and works in Dagmara Szmal's design team developing, as part of the "Good Innovations" program, a shower for seniors and people with motor disabilities.

Photo Credit: Karolina Kruszewska
Credits: substantive support in sexology - dr. Dagna Kocur