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2022 / Design For Society / Design for Society / Student

One hand- Ruler designed for one hand disabled

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Design for Society/Design for Society
  • Lead Designer
    WU Fan,HONG Sizhan
  • Design Team
    LIANG Qijian,RUAN Hao,DONG Qiuhua,ZHONG Chujun,JIANG Xueyi,
  • Project Link
  • University
    Software Engineering Institute of Guangzhou

We found that the disabled have a strong self-esteem. They hope they can do some small things within their power. However, the tape measure on the market needs two hands to operate in most cases. Some disabled people have only one hand, so they can't easily use the tape measure for measurement. To solve this problem, we have designed "one hand", which adopts nano adsorption technology, so that the disabled can complete daily measurement with one hand. We pay attention to the group of one hand disabled people and hope to improve their quality of life through detailed product design.

Photo Credit: Wu Fan,hong Sizhan