THE 2023 EDITION IS CLOSED FOR SUBMISSIONS. Winners will be announced soon. Stay tuned!
2022 / Children Products / Children Products / Student


  • Prizes
    Winner in Children Products/Children Products
  • Lead Designer
    Mengqi Ding, Dan Liao, Hongyun Wong
  • Design Team
    Zhufan Wen, Haotong Wong, Yushu Jiang
  • University
    South China University of Technology

Children's psychological cognition has not developed maturely, and they are endowed with animation. During infusion, they often can not remain in a stable state continuously. HATCHING is a fixed plate for children during infusion, which can eliminate boredom and physical discomfort by transforming the infusion process into hatching animals and providing hand warming combine with the palm support up and down slightly. We choose egg-laying animal images that pop out randomly once the children remove the plate after the infusion to take their fancy and enrich their knowledge.

Photo Credit: Mengqi Ding, Dan Liao, Hongyun Wong