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2022 / Transportation / Other Transportation Design / Professional

SUNGLIDER - Smart Uberground Metros

  • Prizes
    Winner in Transportation/Other Transportation Design
  • Company
    SUNGLIDER AG, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Peter Kuczia
  • Design Team
    E. Gawell, M. Wrona, M. Yanczuk, A. Waly, A. Wardzinska, J. Kozlik, W. Gorzelewska, A. Stepniewska, P. Banasiak, D. Otten, U. Hartwig, P. Böcker
  • Client
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Renderings: Alek Pluta | Peter Kuczia

»Sunglider Smart Uberground Metro« is an autonomous, PV fuelled public transport system for medium-sized urban areas. It consists of autonomous people & cargo movers (+1 level) and small autonomous busses on the ground. The track is totally glulam constructed and carries a PV roof generating 117% of the energy required for the entire system. The Metro is controlled by AI, creating a wait-free cycle of 3 minutes day & night. All vehicles are 3 D printed in micro-factories. Investment and operation costs are drastically cut back allowing free of charge ride without deficit in the balance.

Photo Credit: Sunglider Ag
Credits: Renderings: Alek Pluta | Peter Kuczia