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2022 / Packaging Design / Sustainable Design / Professional

Environmental Friendly Detergent Packaging Design

  • Prizes
    Winner in Packaging Design/Sustainable Design
  • Company
    Ningbo Ruisong Biotechnology Co., Ltd, China
  • Lead Designer
    Jian Zhou

Nowadays, the detergent packaging in the market is mostly bottled, and the whole bottle is discarded after the detergent is used up, resulting in a great waste. In order to reduce waste, our packaging design adopts replacement packaging. The whole packaging is composed of a frame and a replacement bag containing detergent. When the detergent is used up, just discard the used replacement bag and replace it with a new washing replacement bag, and the frame itself can be used repeatedly, which effectively reduce the waste of resources.

Photo Credit: Ningbo Ruisong Biotechnology Co., Ltd