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2022 / Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Patio/Garden Furniture and Accessories / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Outdoor and Exercise Equipment/Patio/Garden Furniture and Accessories
  • Company
    Robin Delaere, Belgium
  • Lead Designer
    Robin Delaere
  • Design Team
    Bart Proot
  • Client
    Pebl Furniture
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  • Other credit
    Robin Delaere

Whether you want to lay back and relax in the sun or sit up straight and read a book, the Beach Buddy is easily transformed simply by flipping over the frame. From a comfortable relax seat in less then no time to a sun bed! It’s also very easy to carry due to its low weight and extra back straps. Suntan lotion, sunglasses, magazines or any other accessory can safely be stored in a customized bag. A handy elastic strap allows you to easily carry a towel or even a football. At the beach, at the park , along the swimming pool...enjoy the outdoors!

Photo Credit: Robin Delaere
Credits: Robin Delaere