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2022 / Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Leisure, Games and Fun / Professional

The Torque flatpack football table.

  • Prizes
    Winner in Outdoor and Exercise Equipment/Leisure, Games and Fun
  • Company
    Fabrique Invent, Netherlands
  • Lead Designer
    Mike de Jong
  • Design Team
    Mike de Jong, Suzan Beinema, Niels Schouten, Els ter Haar
  • Project Link

This innovative football table is completely designed out of sheet metal. The flat pattern with bending lines is laser cut from steel sheets. Thanks to the perforated lines the customer can manually set the sheets into shape and then assemble the Torque using standard tools. Offering this product as a flatpack reduces transport costs and provides logistic efficiency. The design of the Torque is inspired by the big stadiums professional football is played in. The football table is suitable for at home use or for public spaces. Customization is possible in terms of colors and prints.

Photo Credit: Fabrique Invent