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2022 / Lifestyle And Travel / Travel Accessory / Professional

CrossOver Scarf

  • Prizes
    Winner in Lifestyle and Travel/Travel Accessory
  • Company
    KnitWarm Limited, Hong Kong
  • Lead Designer
    Stanley Kwok, Stephen Ng
  • Design Team
    Stanley Kwok, Stephen Ng
  • Project Link

The CrossOver Scarf combines benefits from natural material and textile technology, by knitting heat conductive smart textile with merino wool, to create the ultimate comfortable wearables. It is indistinguishable from regular knits, and gives a gentle sensation like the skin under the sunshine when plugged. The high breathability of Scarf differentiates itself from other heat-generating appliances as it will not cause any irritations to the skin or allergies. The timeless and minimal design incorporates wear comfort and functionality to stay warm and stylish.

With the vision of bringing design and technology together, harmonizing with natural/sustainable materials enriches daily life.

Other prizes
2023 - Red Dot Award, Red Dot Product Design Awards | Special Mention, German Design Awards | Winner, A’ Design Award & Competition | Winner, Asia Design Prize | Winner, K Design Award | Gold Winner, Muse Design Awards | Silver Winner, Muse Design Awards | Silver Award, Better Future Award | Excellence in Technology Adoption Special Award | Featured Finalist, International Design Excellence Awards 2022 - Winner, Good Design Awards, AUSTRALIA | Winner, GOOD DESIGN Award, USA | Winner, Good Design (GD) Selection, KOREA | Winner, European Product Design Awards | Gold & Silver Winner, Muse Design Awards | Silver Winner, NY Product Design Awards, NY | Silver Certification, Grands Prix Du Design Awards| Bronze Award, Smart Design Awards, HK | Certificate of Merit, HKAI: Consumer Product Design | Honorable Mention, International Design Awards 2021 - Gold Award, DRIVENxDESIGN Award Programs | Winner Award, Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards| Silver Winner, NY Product Design Awards, NY | Bronze Award, International Design Awards | Startup Award, DHL/SCMP Hong Kong Business Awards | Bronze Award, HK Smart Design Awards | Collaboration with Chicks, “ReMIX” | Innovative Business Award, Business Strategy Award | Excellence Award, HKDA Global Design Awards 2020 - Grand & Gold Award, HK ICT Awards: Smart People | Gold + Silver + Bronze + Smart Aging +Green Award, HK Smart Design Awards | Bronze Award, SME Excellence Award: Positive Impact, HK 2019 - Winner Award, ISPO Award | Silver + Judge + Smart Aging + Merit Award, HK Smart Design Awards | Bronze Medal, the 2nd Asia Exhibition of Inventions 2018 - Emerging Brand Award, | Great Ideas Award, Lenzing Innovation Award | Silver Medal, Int’l Exhibition of Inventions Geneva | Red Dot Award, Design Concept

Photo Credit: Knitwarm Limited