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2022 / Lifestyle And Travel / Travel Accessory / Professional

HangFold - Your Travel Partner

  • Prizes
    Winner in Lifestyle and Travel/Travel Accessory
  • Company
    Hangfold Gmbh, Switzerland
  • Lead Designer
    Juan Antonio Flores Sanchez
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HangFold transforms into a hanger or a template to perfectly hang or fold your garments.

It saves time in packing and unpacking your luggage and reduces wrinkles.

By simply pressing down on the hook, HangFold takes the shape of a template that enables you to perfectly fold garments around it. Then, simply pull the hook up, and HangFold will assume its hanger shape again.

HangFold is a patented product, winner of the GBO StartUps Award 2022 and Honorable Mention in IDA 2021.

HangFold is exclusively produced with recycled plastics in Spain by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturers.

Other prizes
IDA 2021 - Honorable Mention GBO StartUps 2022 - Winner

Photo Credit: Hangfold Gmbh