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    Top Design Winner in Home Interior Products/Bathroom Fittings/Appliances
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    Davide Diliberto, Italy
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    Davide Diliberto
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    Photo: Brem And Davide Diliberto
Veletta radiator was designed to hide bathrobes and towels without the use of sliding walls or doors. The radiating plate is split in half by a fold that creates a separate wing from the wall for a practical, simple solution. Two magnetic knobs on the back let you hang bathrobes wherever desired. Towels can be hung on the front bar, making Veletta the ideal towel warmer to insert between bathroom sink and tub or shower. Instead of a distinct object, it acts like a part of the wall, creating and giving new functions to the architecture.

I describe myself as a designer of refined shapes, because my products often should be looked closely, designed with a delicate touch, defined by details and ideally integrated with the environment. In 2008 I founded my first agency achieving significant results especially for Indesit Group. In 2015 I started working in my own studio, to focus on my 360 degrees vision about product design. Since 2016 I am involved as Creative director with Salice Paolo door handle brand and in 2018 I thought and realized for them the new design brand Ento. I am particularly involved into the bathroom industry.

Other prizes
2010 Decò Official Selection with Balancé bathroom tap concept; 2019 Golden A’ Design Award with Raw radiator for Brem; 2020 Silver A’ Design Award with Robot door handle for Ento.

Photo Credit: Davide Diliberto
Credits: Photo: Brem and Davide Diliberto