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2022 / Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture / Professional

cocoda chair 2020 Special Edition

  • Prizes
    Winner in Home Interior Products/Interior Furniture
  • Company
    Koma Co.,Ltd., Japan
  • Lead Designer
    Shigeki Matsuoka
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  • Other credit
    Photo:franco Tadeo Inada

He thought that a simple chair with only the necessary functions would be the most comfortable and most beautiful.
After many improvements, we have arrived at this simple form. Not only is it comfortable to sit on, but it also allows you to enjoy the natural texture of the wood, which makes it more relaxing to sit on.
The beautiful organic form is so comfortable to use that you will want to touch it. Each piece is carved from solid wood with hand tools in Japan.
In the special edition, to make it even more comfortable, the arm part is designed to hold a cup, a book, or other small items.

Photo Credit: Koma Co.,ltd.
Credits: photo:Franco Tadeo Inada