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2022 / Flora And Fauna / Growth Encouragement / Professional

Plant Diary - Touch & Grow Electronic Diary

  • Prizes
    Winner in Flora and Fauna/Garden Tools, Winner in Flora and Fauna/Growth Encouragement
  • Company
    Tektos Ecosystems Ltd., Hong Kong
  • Lead Designer
    Tektos Ecosystems Design Team
  • Design Team
    Ludovic Depoid, Marco Ursolum
  • Client
    ibebot Limited
  • Project Link

Plant Diary - an electronic diary that works on any pot, soil & plants. Users can easily understand usage through the product's simple curves. Choice of bi-color porcelain ceramic material exudes a high quality touch and feel whilst it working on the phone without an App brings a magical element to both UX and Design experience. Sustainability is a key element in the Design process where no batteries nor plastic are used keeping a low carbon footprint. The Ceramic material, common in most advanced dental replacement, is chosen for its high biocompatibility, high heat and hardness resistance.

Photo Credit: Tektos Ecosystems Ltd.