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2022 / Education / Self Learning Devices / Professional

Mini Portable Electric Drum

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Education/Self Learning Devices
  • Company
    Guangzhou Rantion Technology Co., Ltd. , China
  • Lead Designer
    Sheng Chan
  • Design Team
    Sheng Chan,ShuYu Chen,Jun Lei,FangXiao Lu,LinYong Wang,Qiang Hu,YongNing Huang,Mi Jiang,BanBan Zou,ChangLe Liu
  • Client
    Guangzhou Rantion Technology Co., Ltd.

A portable Mini Drum Pad, designed to provide drummers with professional and portable drum equipment. The snare drum design with layered strike intensity brings a more realistic strike experience to the drummer. Multiple groups of customizable cymbals and drums provide drummers with more sound options to suit different scenarios. In the design, a large number of detachable structures are adopted, which reduces the product loading space and makes it easy to carry, meeting the needs of multiple scenarios such as home practice and outdoor performances.

Photo Credit: Guangzhou Rantion Technology Co., Ltd.