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2022 / Transportation / Nautical/Boats / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Transportation/Nautical/Boats
  • Company
    SLYDER catamarans (MAVEA Yachts GmbH & Co.KG), Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Matthias Krenz
  • Project Link

see the difference & feel the difference.

The main feature of the new generation of SLYDER catamarans is the beauty and elegance of a monohull combined with the efficiency and space of a catamaran. Clear shape with elegance and accentuation in the surface and balance between crisp and soft shapes in the surface tension. High Hulls & low coachroof with standing heights of 2.20m.

The overall aesthetics in profile is given through the shoulder line that is a new standard in catamaran design language to bring the coach roof & hull in harmony.


SLYDER catamarans allow safe and easy sailing for small crews, offer highest seaworthiness and quality on the sea. Our serial-hybrid electric propulsion system is designed, built, pre-assembled and tested in Germany. Exceptional in this class is our high quality PLC electrical system. Combined with our new SLYDER User Interface, this offers a new dimension in operating and monitoring your yacht and the ability to accommodate special requests from the future owner.

Each SLYDER is CE certified according to the latest directive (2013/53/EU) and complies with ABYC requirements.

Other prizes
Received by Head of Design: Matthias Krenz European Product Design Award - Gold A´-Design Award - Bronze

Photo Credit: Slyder Catamarans (mavea Yachts Gmbh & Co.kg)