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2022 / Transportation / Alternative Fuel Vehicles / Professional


  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Transportation/Alternative Fuel Vehicles
  • Company
    City Transformer, Israel
  • Lead Designer
    Eyal Cremer
  • Design Team
    Nimrod Eliezer, Ron Inbar, Jacob Sasse
  • Project Link

CT1 is an EV that changes its width while it drives to outwit traffic & parking.
It enables the minimal environmental footprint possible for an effective and practical urban vehicle.
CT1’s wheelbase has two modes;
1-meter width- Parks and outsmarts traffic like a motorcycle
1.4-meter width- Rides safely and conveniently like a car.
We offer outstanding sustainability compared to any other regular or electric vehicle. Any CT1 that rides in our cities is at least X2 more energy efficient, is 75% smaller in weight and footprint, saves 80% in battery weight compared to an average full-sized EV

Photo Credit: City Transformer