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2022 / Catering Products / Catering Supplies / Student

Smart takeaway cabinet

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Catering Products/Catering Supplies
  • Lead Designer
    zhiheng Feng
  • Design Team
    JunHui Gong,ChaoJie Yang,ZhiCong Li,ShangHua Shi
  • University
    Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

With the continuous spread of the epidemic, in order to avoid the risk of cross-infection caused by unnecessary contact, food delivery services are increasingly becoming an integral part of daily life. Smart takeaway boxes can keep food fresh and warm, allowing users to get fresh food after returning home from overtime. The take-out cabinet has added functions of heat preservation, disinfection, and video recording, which also guarantees the safety of take-out food and reduces the risk of infection caused by secondary contact with the virus.

Photo Credit: Zhiheng Feng