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2021 / Toy Design / DIY (Do It Yourself) Toy / Student

Peel plasticine

  • Prizes
    Winner in Toy Design/DIY (Do It Yourself) Toy
  • Lead Designer
    Jiawei Yu
  • University
    University of The Arts London

Peel plasticine is a new kind of environmental- friendly toy which is using the waste fruits peel. It uses wasted of pericarp and pomace of fruits and vegetables as raw materials, along with sodium alginate, to produce a new material. This allows children to independently search for pericarp and pomace of fruits and vegetables to build their own multicolored world, which is good to enhance their awareness of color and graphics, so as to encourage them to eat more fruits and vegetables in their daily lives. This way is also conducive to cultivating their awareness of environmental protection.

Photo Credit: Jiawei Yu