2021 / Office Equipment / Stationery / Student

Gradient colored pencil

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Office Equipment/Stationery
  • Lead Designer
    Daojia Lin
  • Design Team
    Cramart Design Studio
  • Other credit
    Photo By:daojia Lin
  • University
    City College of San Francisco

This is a colored pencil with a two-color gradient. This pen looks like a double-headed colored pencil, but it's actually a brush for "harmonizing" colors. All colors are composed of two adjacent colors. Through different pen-holding methods, the final strokes and colors will be variable and flexible. Different colors will be written at different lengths, so every pen in use is full of expectations.When writing with side front, the alternating and blending of colors is expressed in such a beautiful way that the writing and creation process becomes pleasant and interesting.

Other prizes
Obtain K-design Award Winner 2020 Obtain Innodesign Prize Winner 2019

Photo Credit: Daojia Lin
Credits: Photo by:Daojia Lin