2021 / Lifestyle And Travel / Comfort and Security Items / Student

Anti-loss Helmet

  • Prizes
    Winner in Lifestyle and Travel/Comfort and Security Items
  • Lead Designer
    Xinyi Zhang
  • Design Team
    Shuyuan Chen, Ying Zhao, Chu Zheng, Wentao Xu, Peiwen Ye
  • Other credit
    Guided By: Xin Chen, Jialiang Lin
  • University
    College of Science & Technology Ningbo University

A newly revised technical Specification for the Safety of e-bikes stipulates that drivers and children (under the age of 12) should wear safety helmets when driving e-bikes on the road. However, when the helmet of electric vehicle is not used or used, there is no place for it to be placed, and it is easy to be lost by putting it in the basket or hanging it on the front of the car, causing potential safety hazards and fines. However, when people unconsciously hang the helmet on the car, the helmet is easy to be lost. Therefore, I designed an innovative combination of helmet and lock.

Photo Credit: Xinyi Zhang
Credits: Guided by: Xin Chen, Jialiang Lin