2021 / Lifestyle And Travel / Travel Accessory / Student

Sterilize spoon

  • Prizes
    Winner in Lifestyle and Travel/Travel Accessory
  • Lead Designer
    Yu Jiang and Di Lu
  • Other credit
    Min Wang

The principle is to use harmless micro-electricity to electrolyse salt. The hypochlorite produced by the reaction is used to sterilize and clean clothes. Micro-electricity does no harm to human body, the raw materials use salt only. The products produced are environmentally friendly, have no pollution to human and water. The gray circle part of the spoon is the sensing electricity, which indicates the amount of salt that should be added to the laundry at a time. After putting salt, press the switch button, and put the sterilizing spoon into the water soaked in clothes.

Photo Credit: Yu Jiang And Di Lu
Credits: Min Wang