2021 / Home Interior Products / Tableware / Student

Dump Proof Tableware

  • Prizes
    Winner in Home Interior Products/Tableware
  • Lead Designer
    Linyu Mao
  • Design Team
    Yingjie Cao, Yulu Teng, Can Wang, Dongmei Zhang, Yuhan Hu
  • Other credit
    Guided By: Xin Chen, Jialiang Lin
  • University
    College of Science & Technology Ningbo University

It is very easy to upset the bowl in the restaurant or dining room and so on occasions, resulting in fragile dishes easy to spread, but also easy to burn others or yourself, so to design a convenient and safe series of cutlery. The innovation of the design lies in the combination of the magnet and tableware, which not only retains the original shape of the tray and tableware, but also adds new functions to prevent the tableware from collapsing.

Photo Credit: Linyu Mao
Credits: Guided by: Xin Chen, Jialiang Lin