2021 / Education / Classroom Design / Student

π° Desk

  • Prizes
    Winner in Education/Classroom Design
  • Lead Designer
    Chunmao Wu, Peiyao Huang, Lisiyusi, Xiaozhen Ying
  • Design Team
    Peiyao Huang, Lisiyusi, & Xiaozhen Ying
  • University
    Donghua University

It’s a desk for efficient leaning & fast storage, called “π°”. The purpose is to improve learning efficiency, stimulate students' creativity, and realize the freedom of storage. The creativities are as follows: (a) Efficient learning: press the pop-up desk to paste inspiration notes and place the tablet computer. (b) Desk storage: rotate the entire desktop 85° to achieve fast storage. (c) Desktop storage: the groove on the right of the desktop is convenient for stationery storage. (d) Visual emotion: the side of desk is like a symbol π, Infinite π encourages students to explore the future.

Other prizes
Golden A' Design Award, Red dot Design Award, IF Design Award, IDEA Design Award, The Good Design Awards, Red Star Design Award.

Photo Credit: Chunmao Wu, Peiyao Huang, Lisiyusi, Xiaozhen Ying