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2021 / Education / Teaching Aids / Student

M Genius

  • Prizes
    Winner in Education/Teaching Aids
  • Lead Designer
    Chunmao Wu, Tian Gao & Haitao Li
  • Design Team
    Tian Gao & Haitao Li
  • Project Link
  • University
    Donghua University

It is a visualized mathematical function application (VMFA) for young students. Parametric design is adopted in the VMFA to make math symbols simply. It is represented in interesting parametrical shapes that can be printed by 3D printer. After adjusting mathematical parameters, mathematical functions can be easier understood by students. Meanwhile, it enriches the meaning of interaction. Gamification is to increase students’ interests of learning mathematical functions. It's really a funny solution for the young generation to get knowledge.

Other prizes
Golden A' Design Award, Red dot Design Award, IF Design Award, IDEA Design Award, The Good Design Awards, Red Star Design Award.

Photo Credit: Chunmao Wu, Tian Gao & Haitao Li