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2021 / Packaging Design / Sustainable Design / Professional

Garçon Wines sustainable, flat wine bottle

  • Prizes
    Winner in Packaging Design/Sustainable Design
  • Company
    Garçon Wines, United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    Garçon Wines
  • Project Link

-Traditional, round glass wine bottles are the single largest contributor to wine’s carbon footprint
-Garçon Wines innovate in wine packaging to make the industry more sustainable
-Our unique flat bottles save space (91% more wine fits on a pallet, 2.5x more fits in our ecomm case), are made from 100% recycled PET to save weight and contribute to circular economies, and are fully recyclable - all saving energy to slash CO2 emissions
-Planet-friendly innovation reduces logistics inefficiencies and costs and is a consumer-pleasing, convenient format - showcasing triple bottom line sustainability

Photo Credit: Garçon Wines