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NL Pure from Swarovski Optik KG

  • Prizes
    Winner in Outdoor and Exercise Equipment/Outdoors, Trekking and Camping
  • Company
    formquadrat gmbh, Austria
  • Lead Designer
    formquadrat gmbh
  • Design Team
    Julian Pröll, Mario Zeppetzauer
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    Photo By Swarovski Optik Kg


NL Pure - the revolutionary binoculars with the largest field of view to date and barely perceptible edges, without compromising on ergonomics and handling. In other words: Best optics, packed in the smallest possible size. The NL Pure thus provides unprecedented nature experiences.
When picking up the NL Pure, the slim and elegant silhouette fits perfectly into one's hand. The FRP forehead rest complements the binoculars as innovative additional equipment. Combined, these features guarantee hours of observation comfort - ideal for maximum magnification.

Our philosophy: “Design is the shortcut between a brand and its customers.”
Our nature: “We have a strong point in design and a soft spot for technology.”
formquadrat gmbh was founded in 1997 by Stefan Degn and Mario Zeppetzauer and is located in Linz and Altmünster, Austria.
formquadrat provides innovative, ergonomic and creative designs for products and interfaces - its primary focus is on functional and technical products.

Other prizes
formquadrat has won a proud collection of design awards including the Red Dot „best of the best“, a silver iF Design Award, numerous other iF Design Award honors, and nominations to the Austrian and German National Design Award over the years.

Photo Credit: Formquadrat Gmbh
Credits: Photo by SWAROVSKI OPTIK KG