2021 / Media And Home Electronics / Security Systems / Professional

Leica BLK247: Smart 3D Surveillance System

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Media and Home Electronics/Security Systems
  • Company
    Leica Geosystems, Part of Hexagon, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Dr. Burkhard Boeckem, Chief Technology Officer
  • Design Team
    Dr. Burkhard Boeckem, CTO, Hexagon AB; Matthias Wieser, VP product & UI design, Hexagon Geosystems
  • Client
    Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon
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The BLK247 is a smart 3D surveillance system that uses sensor fusion technology—a combination of video cameras, thermal imaging, and LiDAR—along with edge computing and AI to instantly detect and report physical changes within a space.

It builds 3D digital fences around specific areas or objects, and it learns the space it monitors to determine authorized or unauthorized activity. These geofenced areas can protect specific zones to create a customized security system. It also allows users to establish specific times of day to monitor specific zones. The BLK247 reduces false alarms.

Photo Credit: Leica Geosystems, Part Of Hexagon
Credits: N/A