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2021 / Media And Home Electronics / Electric Appliance / Professional

Electric Pendant Heater + Light, Remote and Timer

  • Prizes
    Winner in Media and Home Electronics/Electric Appliance
  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Paul Chan
  • Design Team
    Elizabeth Law, Jasmine Yu
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  • Other credit
    Product Awarded International Innovation Award2020

This heater has been granted invention patents in, among others, Europe and the United States, and includes 2 separately operable semicircular metallic heating elements (which do not emit glaring light) set on each side of the heater to provide quick warmth on demand to either side and to save costs and energy. A lamp bulb is placed between the heating elements to provide light on demand, with an RF remote control and timer to individually operate each heating and the light, and includes an on-off switch for overall power off for safety as well as pilot light and temp-limit shutoff controls.

Our group has developed new Patented 360° Electric Infrared Radiant Heaters. With the recent fluctuations in natural gas/oil prices, you will find that our 360° Electric Infrared Radiant Heaters is a timely, environmental friendly and cost saving alternative for your customers. As we use metallic Incoloy heating elements, your customers do not need to breathe in harmful particles or other discharges from burning gaseous fuel. Our heaters do not emit the bright and glaring visible light as in the case of quartz heating elements and do not emit dangerous gas particles.

Other prizes
International Innovation Award 2020

Photo Credit: Ipower Products Limited
Credits: Product awarded International Innovation Award2020