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2021 / Media And Home Electronics / Computers and Information Technology / Professional

Meeting Owl Pro

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Media and Home Electronics/Computers and Information Technology, Winner in Office Equipment/Telecommunications
  • Company
    Owl Labs, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Max Makeev and Mark Schnittman
  • Project Link

The Meeting Owl Pro is a smart 360° camera, mic, speaker device all in-one. Sitting in the center of the table and powered by proprietary technology and AI, it uses vision and voice recognition to shift the camera to focus on who’s speaking, giving all participants a feeling as if they’re in the same room. The Meeting Owl offers a more immersive meeting experience and enables any room to become increasingly intelligent over time with ongoing OTA updates and product features, which are reinventing how teams - now many hybrid - collaborate no matter their location.

Photo Credit: Owl Labs