2021 / Home Interior Products / Bathroom Fittings/Appliances / Professional

MOHONTO | Sustainable Shower Head

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Home Interior Products/Bathroom Fittings/Appliances
  • Company
    ITERATE Design + Innovation, United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    Gethin Roberts & Matt Beamish
  • Design Team
    ITERATE Design + Innovation
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MOHONTO redefines the shower head, designed sustainably to transform the shower into a unique ritual, accessible to all. Typical shower heads consist of numerous silicone and plastic parts, many of which are ultra-sonically welded together, making it nearly impossible to disassemble and recycle. This sparked MOHONTO, a simple, machined shower head with a 3-part assembly which evokes a modern aesthetic fit for contemporary bathroom interiors. Deceptively simple, MOHONTO utilises Bernoulli’s Principle to generate pressure and customisable cone inserts to create an array of water sensations.

Photo Credit: Iterate Design + Innovation