2021 / Flora And Fauna / Devices, Gadgets or Products not made for humans / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Flora and Fauna/Devices, Gadgets or Products not made for humans
  • Company
    Shenzhen Changsen Trading Co., Ltd., China
  • Lead Designer
    Linwei Mak, Jincai Ma
  • Design Team
    Linwei Mak, Jincai Ma

A-POT is specially designed for people who want to grow plants but often forget to water them, or urban white-collar workers who need to travel for a long time because of work. Add water to the pot that can absorb water for a long time without further watering. The transparent glass basin can also directly observe the surplus of water, which is simple and convenient. A-pot is a practical and beautiful product that combines nature with home furnishings-it is also an ideal habitat for plants.

Photo Credit: Shenzhen Changsen Trading Co., Ltd.