2021 / Flora And Fauna / Hydroponic Devices / Professional


  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Flora and Fauna/Hydroponic Devices
  • Company
    Ko Tu Elpo, Latvia
  • Lead Designer
    Krišs Bērzkalns
  • Design Team
    Kārlis Vītols, Lolita Epnere, Buka Bērziņa
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Elpo is a smart air biofilter that improves indoor air quality by combining technology and the power of nature. As we spend most of our time indoors, in well-sealed airtight buildings, cut off from fresh air and nature, the quality of the air we breathe is poor and affects our wellbeing. Elpo purifies the indoor air and helps to maintain healthy moisture levels. It also absorbs ambient sounds reducing noise and boosts emotional wellbeing by the presence of nature. Lights, fans and irrigation of Elpo are automated and it features remote monitoring and control. Doubles as a space divider.

Elpo is an innovative air biofilter manufacturer based in Latvia. We have created a smart air biofilter that uses power of nature to purify and humidify the indoor air. In collaboration with architects, engineers and scientists, Elpo creates design products and projects that bring together nature, technology and science to treat the indoor world.

Other prizes
The National Design Award of Latvia - Product Design

Photo Credit: Ko Tu Elpo