2021 / Event Supplies / Kiosks / Professional

CHECKin - Digital Assistant

  • Prizes
    Winner in Event Supplies/Kiosks
  • Company
    PROVOCO, Slovenia
  • Lead Designer
    Andrej Stanta
  • Client
    Quadratura Nordic AB
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Background Photo For Image3 By Roman Tafoya

CHECKin is a stand-alone interactive digital terminal developed for automotive merchants to help them easily and more thoroughly interact with their customers. CHECKin blends physical experiences with technology and turning customer journey into a remarkable user experience while providing merchants with all important information in real-time.

CHECKin’s clean and minimalistic design comes from its functionalities where form follows function and more importantly customer’s experience. CHECKin was designed to seamlessly fit and enhance any relevant interior/exterior ambient.

PROVOCO provides high end tailored-made design and development services, focusing on brand and product development, rebranding and consulting.

Photo Credit: Provoco
Credits: Background photo for Image3 by Roman Tafoya