2021 / Children Products / Car Seats & Accessories / Professional

Smart Infant Carrier

  • Prizes
    Winner in Children Products/Car Seats & Accessories
  • Company
    ZAAF Design, Italy
  • Lead Designer
  • Design Team
    Giovanni Duro, Paola Giordano

This project was conceived to reduce the number of elements in order to have a more affordable product without compromising the highest safety standards. This Carrier does not require the use of an ISOfix base since is equipped with integrated ISOfix connectors inside body that can be opened or closed depending if the Carrier is used inside or outside the car. For a easier transportation, there is also a simplified compact stroller. The Carrier installation must be repeated every time and this reduces the risk of misuse since no fixed elements remain installed and unchecked for a long time.

We started in Italy in 2000 and today we are an international award-winning industrial design consultancy made of passionate designers, engineers and professionals. We develop very different products that belong to very different markets and we have gained a lot of knowledge in a wide range of products categories and the experience in method of production for plastic, metal and textiles.
We work on big series but we like the artisan dimension of the product because it softens the serial rigidity of mass production. An all-Italian attention to details that make the difference

Other prizes
RedDot Award 2020

Photo Credit: Zaaf Design